Day 5 (Aaron)

Today was our third training day.  It started as every other day has with one surprise; Jairo & Ninoshka treated us to a Guatemalan breakfast of Pache.  What is Pache you say?  Think of a sandwich-sized tamale made of potatoes and spices with chicken in the middle.  Trust me, it tasted even better than it sounds.  Our commute today took us out into the countryside of Guatemala.  We scrambled around the van to take pictures of the scenic views and enjoyed a traffic-free morning.  Our travels today took us to Station 24 in Cuilapa.  Men and women numbering 18 and representing 6 different fire companies piled into a small class room.  As we have each day, we began with one of our group giving their testimony. Julian gave his. The training sessions went smoothly, and everyone caught on quickly.  During our lunch break, RV commented that with the language barrier it’s difficult to know if the material is relevant to these firefighters.  Our interpreter overheard this and piped up telling us he’s overheard multiple conversation of how excited these firefighters are to have this equipment and training.  After our training sessions, we stayed around and talked with several of the firefighters.  One of these firefighters told us he’s been on the department for 44 years!  He let out a small chuckle as he watched our jaws drop to the floor.  His secret? Lifting weights.  We all laughed at this and were awed at this firefighter who showed no signs of even slowing down.  They are all so appreciative of our coming to share with (and learn from) them. With handshakes and hugs we headed back to Station 69.  The 45-minute ride home gave me some time to reflect on the trip and the opportunities thus far.  We haven’t had any open statements of salvation; we have however, taken every opportunity to plant the seeds of the Gospel.  Prayerfully we hope the time, energy and resources of this trip will germinate into a blossoming of salvation for the men and women we are serving.



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