Day 4 (Julian)

Our Thursday started out just like many other mornings in Guatemala City with the beautiful sounds of jake brakes, horns, and the buzzing of cars driving down the El Salvador Hwy just 15 feet from our windows. The weather is perfect here just as I remember, comfortable during the day and cool at night. It rains throughout the afternoon, but this year most of our training takes place indoors so with the exception of the basketball game we’ve stayed pretty dry this year. After everyone rolled out of bed we ate a quick breakfast, made a quick starbucks run to keep with tradition, and headed to station 31 in San Lucas. This year we have been able to be very mobile: Tuesday at Fundaninos, Wednesday in Guatemala City, Thursday in San Lucas, Friday Barberina(?), and Saturday at Central Station. The drive to San Lucas is a traffic nightmare. Normally a 45 minute drive takes twice as long during rush hour. Felt like being at home with the construction up and down 35 in North Texas. The only difference is instead of using cones when a car broke down you’ll see limbs laying in the road as a warning. We arrived in San Lucas at station 31 and quickly set up for training. We came to find out that station 31 is the former home of many of the top officials in the Guatemala Fire Department including our very good friend Pepe. The class size was similar to the first day with about 20 people there. We started with brief introduction and Aaron gave his testimony. Each day we begin in this way not only to inform the class of who we are and why we are here but also to remind ourselves. Just as Corey said yesterday we were able to bring webbing and carabineers for the class to keep and so our training centers on different techniques they can be helpful for in rescue, firefighting, and extrication scenarios. Class participation is great and very active. In fact at the end of the day we were informed by one of the ranking officers that one of the extrication techniques we showed them would have been very helpful with a wreck they had the night before. We are blown away by the kindness and generosity of our hosts here in Guatemala as they presented us with gifts and expressed their gratitude. After a quick meal at the station we headed back through rush hour to station 69. We took the scenic route so as to avoid traffic but it took just as long. We got to see part of the city we hadn’t seen before. After a quick rest at the station we went to dinner at a delicious restaurant in the city. Those from past trips will remember this place well. After a time of fellowship we headed back to the station and ended our day


This trip has served to remind me personally of the blessing of trusting in and allowing God to be in control in our lives. We must let go of control and allow the Lord to be in charge in our lives. In every moment of our trip God has proven faithful in providing just what we needed and more.


For pictures of the trip and more check out our facebook group Guatemala bomberos trip 2014.


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