Guatemala Trip 2014

Guatemala Bomberos Trip 2014


Day 1 (written by RV)


Five of us flew out of  DFW at 4:45 pm. 

  1. Lan Leavell (Pastor, Chaplain DentonFD)
  2. Julian Arriaga (Denton FD)
  3. Corey Byrom (North Richland Hills FD)
  4. Aaron Bruce (Dallas FD)
  5. Robert Vaughan (Denton FD)


Arrived in Guatemala safely and built some great relationships with people on the plane who live near Guatemala City.  We were welcomed at Station 69 with the lights and sirens of all the apparatus sounding.  This is a great honor, and they only do it on special occasions.  We did a little training preparation, caught up with the locals and off to bed we went.


Day 2 (written by RV)


We were invited to a health club called SPORTA, from one of the chiefs, whose name is Pepe.  The alarm went off at 5:45 am to hit the gym for a little light morning workout, so we thought.   It turned out to be 45 min of weights, and then we were walked to the CrossFit gym to do another 45 min.  Let’s just say, we worked some legs, and pushed some 45 pound weights around on the floor.  None of the people spoke English in the gym at that time, so we wanted to prove that we are tough.  Well, let’s just say it will be a few days before we sit without pain.  So someone else will have to come and prove that people from the US are tough.  Haha


We returned from the gym, and the bomberos on duty cooked us a great breakfast.  (Lan made coffee!) Then we were off to Fundaninos,  the orphanage that we visit every year.  We were able to play with the kids and eat lunch with them.  It always such a blessing to see these kids play and smile, even though they have been through so much.  The rest of the day was filled with prep for training.


Day 3 (written by Corey)


We rose around seven A.M. for the last minute training preparations (most of us stood up while RV crawled out of bed). After the training preparations were complete, we returned the favor by cooking the Bomberos breakfast.


After breakfast we moved right into the first training class of the trip. We opened the training session by me giving my testimony. In the training class we handed out a 15 foot piece of webbing and a carabineer to everyone in attendance. [Our training equipment expenses were funded by the Denton Firefighters Association. We are extremely grateful for their support!] The class covered some uses of webbing, including knots, harnesses, and a few other uses. By the grace of God all of our last minute planning and preparations paid off and the training session went smoothly.


After class fifteen of the boys from Fundaninos came to the station. The time with the children was started by a brief discussion about Jesus given by one of the female Bomberos. After the short stint of talking the children were taken into the apparatus bay and showed the Medics and the Engines. After the kids were through looking at the trucks, they were given a real treat, a ride around the block while sitting in the hose bed! [And you’re right—this would have never happened in the States!] Three of us rode on the tailboard, too! Upon arriving back at the station, the kids were given Junior Bomberos helmets and some snacks for the road.


The rest of our day was spent playing a cross between basketball and soccer in the pouring rain. Followed up by an awesome dinner of chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans prepared by Aaron.





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