Final Post

Yeah, I know this is later than I’d thought it would be, but I’ve been letting the trip marinate a bit since we got back….

We know that our trip was bathed in prayer, from within and without the crew that went. Because of that, we shouldn’t be surprised at what took place: protection during the travel, training, and the earthquake as well as the middle of the night runs, not to mention the 20 shootings in the city Saturday night that four of the guys ran on.

The hospitality of everyone at Station 69 and Casa de Libertad is second to none (Jairo and company, Hector and Magali, Francisco and Carol, and the staff at Casa). As for Vera, she’s in a class by herself—in more ways than one!

We were humbled to get to worship again with the precious people at Iglesia de Dios, where a faithful pastor and congregation serve our Lord and the people of a poor village. It was a privilege to testify, preach, and minister in prayer over and with that church. We have already begun talking about how we might serve them in a more tangible way next year.

We rejoice with Casa de Libertad as they celebrate their 6th anniversary next month. I am grateful to Pastor Francisco for sharing his pulpit with me. I don’t take that lightly! The staff and congregation were both receptive and encouraging. One staff member came up behind me in the early service and prayed and prophesied over me. Thank you.

As for the guys, we had three “rookies” and one from the original trip four years ago. These renegades served with professionalism and grace, a combination that is far too uncommon. They take their jobs seriously and are good at what they do. The Guatemalan people will be better served because of their efforts. I hold their friendship and my association with them in the highest esteem.

We are thankful for all of the God-sightings, Gospel conversations, and the “friending” that took place, not in the FaceBook sense, but in the you-matter-to-me sense. To be spiritually, vocationally, and relationally connected with the men and women of the Bomberos Voluntarios de Guatemala is an incredible blessing.

All of us had and made memories that we’ll have forever. As I laid down the first night back and the next morning as I hit the road to get a sweat on, my mind kept looping the song from Sunday morning: Santo, Santo, Santo. Yo quiero verte.” “Holy, Holy, Holy. I want to see You.” If that’s all the espanol I ever learn, that’s enough!

For those of you that supported the trip financially and in prayer, we are collectively grateful more than you will ever know. We are already thinking, brainstorming, and praying about next year’s trip. Will you join us in that prayer?


Lan Leavell, Th.D.

Associate Home Groups Pastor, The Village Church, Denton

Chaplain, Denton Fire Department


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