Day 7

Monday Day 7

Woke this morning to the bells ringing on the square in Antigua. We were all looking forward to a day to relax and reflect on the week. After eating breakfast together in the courtyard of our hotel we split up with a group heading to check out some ruins in the city and the rest of us going to the market to test our haggling skills. We met back for lunch, a table full of nachos, which was perfect, and in no time we managed to eat it clean. The guys had decided that they wanted to go check out a zip line on the side of the mountain but since we did it last year, I decided to stay and hang around the square to soak in some of the culture. Antigua was founded in 1524 and it has a lively city center. There always seems to be a band playing and families just hanging out together….come to think of it….reminds me a lot of Denton, only a little more crowded. When the group got back we grabbed some coffee and headed back to Guatemala City to check into our hotel. We’ve just finished dinner and now it’s off to bed. We’re all looking forward to getting home to our families tomorrow. It’s been another outstanding trip. Thanks to all those who’ve supported this us, thanks to our families for holding the fort down, and thanks to our Guatemalan brothers and sisters for being such wonderful hosts. We love you all.

This life is sweet, and God is GOOD!

Chad Neely, Denton


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