Day 6

Waking up to scramble eggs with cheese in them is always a great way to start the day.  I’m not sure who the cook is because they are waking up before me, but they deserve some credit for some well prepared huevos.  After a good start to the day, we set out for the church property we are using as a training ground.

Today we had a great class of volunteers.  Every class has started with the scripture reading and handing out of Bibles that Mitch has ran point on.  It has been a great way to share the Gospel with our fellow firefighters.  The responses we have got to the word of God from the bomberos in class has been stronger every day.  One bombero told us that he was tempted to skip the training several times today but felt compelled to show up anyways.  Another stated that it was her first day to return to volunteering after several years off.  She said she knew it was no coincidence that she was here to hear the Word shared and that it was God working to make it so.  It was encouraging to us to hear these words and to see the response to the Gospel shared.

While the classroom part of training was taking place several of us went to work on the training props outside.  Getting the props ready, I realized I really enjoy and am encouraged by these guys on the mission trip who have a strong love for the Lord as well as our profession we were called to do.  We went back to station 69 for lunch that ran a little long because of a rain storm.  Hearing the bomberos talk at mealtime about their jobs and the sacrifice they make to serve their country is humbling.

The afternoon training session was great.  Chris, Hayden and myself ran one training station in the rotation that was meant to simulate forcing an inward swinging door with a single firefighter and a halligan bar.  Since it was the last day we let them really get after the doors we had set up and we hosted a sledge hammer contest at the end as well. We had a great time teaching again and the Guatemalans did learning.  At the end one of them asked to pray over us, pretty cool.

Dinner was at Vera’s sisters house with her family and consisted of traditional Guatemalan food.   It was a great time of fellowship and a lot of laughter, we thank them for bringing us in.

This is my first year to come down here and I see why these guys love it and come back.  These men and women do the same job under trying circumstances and still love to help their neighbor in need.

Kevin Tarlton FWFD


One Response to “Day 6”

  1. Dear all, it was great meeting you. After several years of being out of service, coming back was amazing! To start the day with the reminder that GOD is the reason why all of us were there… was something really special. Thanks for sharing with us your knowledge, your kindness and your friendship. You should know that more than firefighters, you are soldiers of our Lord, and His word has been well spread out, you will see the fruits of it in the years to come. Please, thanks your colleagues and Chiefs for all the equipment and gear they donated, is well appreciated and will be of great us for us.

    Sorry I missed Church, but I was super tired after my first shift. I will be praying for your safe fly back home.

    Love, Lorena

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