Day 5

Well, we’ve had another wonderful day here in Guatemala.  This is an absolutely beautiful country, not just the landscape, but the people as well.  One of the great things about coming down here to firehouse 69 every year is that we have gotten to build wonderful relationships with these firefighters.  They have been such gracious host, providing us a bed to sleep in, food, and allowing us to make some runs with them.  The other interesting aspect of us coming to firehouse 69 every year is that these guys understand that we are committed to the friendships and relationships that we have built with them, and also that we are here as representatives of Christ.

Today we spent sometime doing activities other than training.  This morning we went to the central firehouse in downtown Guatemala, and took a tour of their headquarters, which is always a great experience, especially for the first time guys.  After touring headquarters we went and had lunch at Fundaninos, which is a local orphanage that Casa De Liberta partners with.  What a wonderful, yet heart breaking experience, to get to spend time with children that have either been abandoned or abused by their families.  With that being said, these children are starving for attention from adults, and it was such a joy to get to play and interact with children on a personal level.  It truly was heart breaking to hear some of these kid’s stories, and to realize the trauma that they have had to endure.

So after we went to the orphanage we went and played softball and a beautiful private school in the mountains with some of the locals.  They were pretty good, but we were reminded by Chad Neely that there was no way were allowed to lose at one of Americas favorite past times, so we stepped up our game and wound up winning 14-8.  During our game something happened that none of had experienced before, the Texans anyway, there was an earthquake, and yes we all survived.  The epicenter of the earthquake was reported on the Guatemala-Mexico border, about eight hours away, and it was recorded as a 6.5 on the rector scale.  This was an experience we will never forget.  What an incredible feeling to have the earth moving beneath your feet.  This was an incredible reminder for me of the power of God, and a reminder of the fact that he has complete power of the universe that we live within.

As you can imagine, one of the greatest needs for the firefighters of Guatemala is the need for bunker gear.  So this year we were fortunate to acquire 35 sets of bunker gear from the Coppell Fire Department, thanks to Brian Stacy.  We also received an assortment of firefighting gloves and hoods, thanks to DFW Airport Fire/EMS and Mitch Grey .  This gear will be distributed throughout the entire country of Guatemala to the firefighters who need it the most.  Presenting these guys this gear tonight gave us a special opportunity to reiterate our purpose for coming to Guatemala, to remind them that we are not only here to provide them with training and gear, but also to let them know that our allegiance is to Christ.  This was a special time for us to get to go a little deeper with our friends.


Hayden Mooney- Lewisville FD


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