Guatemala Day 3

Day 3 “Let the training Begin”


Hayden & I had rode out on the ambulance last night and were able to help with 2 different patients.  With every single call we make I am humbled by the amount of people the Bomberos help with very minimal equipment.  They also cover such a large area with minimal staffing, that when you leave the station for one call there is no telling how long you will be gone.  It is always an honor to ride with these guys and see how kind they are to the people in their town.  It was then a race to sleep so we could get some rest in preparation for our first day of training.

We woke up this morning to another beautiful day, the weather truly has been perfect so far this year!  Everyone was up and at it early this morning excited to get the training started.  As RV stated in yesterdays blog, we had scouted out the training site, brain stormed our ideas, and prepared as much as the props as we could.  When we want something at home we get a purchase order or credit card and run down to the hardware store and buy what we need.  Most of us also have the pleasure of utilizing different training facilities throughout the year with state of the art props.  Here we are required to be much more creative with our props.  People had donated some old doors, and we did manage to find a store to buy some other items needed to build our props.  We made a few phone calls to the Bomberos and they brought tools from their homes to let us borrow during the construction.

We split up into a couple groups to finish build out on the different props and to set up the classroom.  Mitch Gray went above and beyond in preparing for this trip and had purchased several Spanish copies of the Bible.  We were able to put one on each desk and give them to each Bombero .  Some of the guys had highlighted special scriptures and Mitch began our training day by having the Bomberos read the scriptures out loud with the class.  I love how this set the mood and we were able to share how so many of our family and friends donated money to help make this trip possible.  It is a given that we all hold a common bond as firefighters no matter where we are from.  However, we made it very clear that we are all here because of the greater bond that we have in Jesus!  Chad did a wonderful job with the help of our translators in teaching the different benefits in utilizing a haligan bar during forcible entry.  Most of the class had never seen this tool before.  After a quick lunch we returned to the training props and everyone got to practice with the tools.

Tonight was all about fellowship.  Mitch made a large pot of Texas chili and a few pans of cornbread.  We spent the entire evening visiting with all the on guys on duty.  We laughed and swapped stories.  We learned of each others families and what other jobs they have on there days off.  You can imagine the enjoyment when there is 15-20 of us in 1 station.  There may or may not have even been a couple friendly competitions between the Texans vs Bomberos.  We are all incredibly blessed to be here and are looking forward to another incredible day tomorrow!

Brian Stacy – Coppell FD


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