Day 2

Day 2 in Guatemala


Today started out for me at around midnight.  Three of us decided to ride together in the back of the ambulance because they were short handed.  We were the three amigos/stooges, leaning more as the stooges.  (Chris Lillie, Kevin Tarlton, and me Robert Vaughan.   We ran 2 calls within a 3 hour period or so.   The first call was a pregnant female, who we thought was about to give birth,  so naturally we were scared to death…(just kidding),  no seriously we were scared to death..Haha.      The first thing I noticed was when the bomberos pull up to the general area of where the call is they honk their horn and wait for people to wave them in, instead of responding to an address.  We were called to a very poor area where a lot of the houses were made of steal roofing material and some had tarps for roofs.   It is very humbling and convicting to see how much excess I have in my life, and how these people are upbeat and kind even though they have very little.   The second call was to a patient with appendicitis.  She was having pain the whole time and was a trooper over all the rough roads and turns.    We are blessed in the states to have the hospitals in close proximity to us.  The hospitals here were pretty far away and when you arrived, there were a lot of people waiting to be seen.  So naturally our hearts were heavy by this but also uplifted by talking to the people.

Then it was time to catch some shut eye for a while.  The bomberos put us up in their dorm and it is very comfortable.  Not trying to rub it in but the climate has been wonderful, in the 70s during the day and in the 60s at night.  To top it off there are not mosquitoes, so there is no need for screens.  And since it is so cool there has been no need for deodorant either, Ok maybe that is not worth the risk.  The traffic outside station 69 is a constant roar and is tough for some to sleep well, but I slept like a baby.


This morning we woke up and ate scrambled eggs with hot dogs cut up in it, along with bacon.  The breakfast of champions, what else could we ask for.  Then Clay shared devotion with us along with prayer to start our day.   We then made our way to where we are going to be training and started making preparations.  Tomorrow we will be training approx 35 bomberos on forcible entry.   After that it was lunchtime.  You know fireman, we are always ready to eat.   Then off to the local hardware store to get all the stuff needed to construct the props for the classes.  We then made our way back to shop for groceries and get cleaned.  Then to dinner at a restaurant called Donde Como.   Which translates  “where I eat” It was a great dinner, the food was wonderful, and the fellowship was refreshing.

Spending time with the bomberos has been very encouraging, and overcoming the language barrier with some of the guys has been fun.  They are a very joyful and dedicated people to serving their community, and always seem to be joyful and happy to have us here.  It was a great day, God is Good…


Robert Vaughan- Denton FD


3 Responses to “Day 2”

  1. Patti Cooley Says:

    Hi Robert,

    I love you and your article was great.

  2. Donald Vaughan Says:

    Love Ya Buddy. Be safe.

    Uncle D

  3. What a life experience !! God Bless y’all !

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