Monday Sept 10

As a first timer  it will be very difficult to express in words the magnitude of this trip!!   It has been absolutely amazing to see first hand that our God has no boundaries!

As Chris stated yesterday, we have come to a beautiful hotel in the heart of Antigua.  It has been so nice to take time to rest and reflect on the weeks events.  Everyone woke up in their own timing as this is the first day we haven’t had a schedule to follow.  The hotel offered a very nice breakfast out in the courtyard.

The group then began to walk around town in search of a moped rental shop that we had seen flyers for. Turns out they only had 2 mopeds for 12 guys……however, they do offer dirt bike tours.  Maybe next year.  As we walked around enjoying each others company and the history of this city, we came upon a huge Church in the center of town.  We walked inside to see the beautiful construction just as many guys had in trips past.  Much to our surprise, a local Mayan man approached  and ask if we would like to tour not only the church, but the Ancient Mayan ruins underneath the church.  It was really impressive to see the amount detail in the rock and handmade brick construction!  He took us all around and underneath several hidden Mayan prayer areas, graves, and even a crematory.  This really opened my eyes history of the church culture and construction!  Antigua is a beautiful city with lots of history, complete with shopping and restaurants.

We can not say thank you enough for all the family and friends that supported us to be on this trip.  We truly appreciate your support and prayers!! Let me assure you that it did not go un-noticed.  We are all aware that firefighting is simply the vessel in which God used to allow us to share the Gospel with hundreds here in Guatemala!

God Bless,
Brian Stacy
Coppell FD


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