Sunday sept 10

So it’s Sunday, We have finished a long and wet, but amazing week of training. As we pack we began saying our goodbyes to our firefighter brothers of station 69, I see the incredible bonds that have been created in just a weeks time. The guys of station 69 express the appreciation of us taking time away from our families to come train and fellowship with them. One last picture of all of us on the front of their engine and its off to church at Casa De Liberdad. We arrive to church to see its baptism Sunday.  Pastor Francesco gives a short but great message about what Gods will for your life is. Now it was time for dunking to begin. A huge vinyl pool had been set up in front of the stage and filled with the amazing cold water we the guys grew to know so well. As we watch and pray of each person that enters the water, we see strong emotions poor out. Tears of joy and smiles of happiness fill the church. All for the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ. One guy became so weak in knees he was no longer able to stand. Francesco and a fellow member of the church held him up then helped him to the side. The power and love of the Holy Spirit could not be denied as he revealed himself. I had to stop and give thanks to our Abba Father as this point. The fact He made it possible for us to see His miraculous work just deepened my own love for him.

After church, a unanimous vote was made to find some American food. Low and behold a TGI Fridays was in our future. Pepe and his fiancé joined us for lunch. Being as though this is my first year, I learned a few things while eating our burgers and fries. One was that it was Pepe’s first time to Casa De Liberdad. Second was the turn out from the bombedios volenteerios to the Sunday service was the most the church had ever seen. Proof that God’s work through us was paying off. Again, Thankful. With full belly’s we were off to Antigua. A little side note, the car that K.C. and Vera were driving was full of our luggage. Clay and myself ended up driving it up the mountain due to the… well you do the math, 12 men’s wet clothes in a confined area. Now that’s sacrifice!

Now for those who don’t know, Antigua is a small little village about 45 minutes away. The history, age, and beauty of the city cannot be described in a few words. Just Google it, you will see what I mean. Antigua is a spot we go for one day prior to coming home to debrief the emotions and events of the week. As you probably know from the previous blogs it is very raw and intense. This gives us a chance to break down the week and really give God the glory in what has happened.

We get settled in the hotel and a few of us head down to the market. While picking up a few things for our loved ones, I come across a guy selling t-shirts. As I give him money I look down on a shelf of his counter. Of all things you could possibly see, there sat a book many of us know and love. Franisces Chan’s “Crazy Love,” in Spanish. A book mark about half way trough it showed where his last stopping place was. With a little help I found out him and his brother were reading the book together and really liked it! Kind of crazy right?

After a great Italian meal for dinner we bought a few bottles of some good wine and went back to the hotel. Here we took some time to talk, laugh, and tell stories bringing an end to such a powerful and amazing week. I truly feel blessed and honored to be amongst such strong Christian men. I feel as of right now Gods will for me is to continue to love and share the gospel amongst all the nations. Using the job I know and love to bridge the gap.

Chris Lillie
Southlake Fire Department


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