Pictures from Thursday, Sept. 6th, 2012

Front of Academy with apparatus. The guys drove in two engines and a tanker truck.
Planning the rooftop scenario
The Academy from the backside, the crews had to advance their lines through the building and hit either the “car” to the left of us in the picture or extend it to the roof.

Lunch was catered every day!
Dinner @ the Rosales’ house!
Kevin sharing his testimony!
Chris did an amazing job of summarizing what it is like being a Christian in the fire service.

Praying with & for the church.





5 Responses to “Pictures from Thursday, Sept. 6th, 2012”

  1. Mary Farrar Says:

    Hey, John Farrar! This is your mom, and we are loving the updates and praying for you!! But I have a request. It appears that you are the official photographer for this trip, which means you are not in ANY of these pictures. Could you be sure to have someone else take some pictures with your fabulous face in them? Just sayin’… LOVE YOU

  2. Adolfo. Martin Enriquez Says:

    Many things many words are on my head and all I need to say is tank you God bless for coming to guatemala

  3. Lydia Lewis Says:

    Hello Chris Lillie, This is your mom, and know that I love you, and very proud of the work your team is doing. Very comforting see the the pictures and what the team is doing. Mom

  4. Adolfo. Martin Enriquez Says:


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