Monday Sept. 3rd, 2012

We all met at the airport at 3:00.  Our flight was supposed to leave around 5, but while we were on board waiting to leave, the maintenance guys noticed a “leaky hydraulic line.”  We had to deboard the plane until they found an airplane to take us to Guatemala.  We finally got back on another plane around 6:30 and in the air by 7.  We made it to Station 69, where we will be staying for the duration of the trip around 9 and had pizza waiting for us.

The have recently remodeled the station and have got us on the second floor in a bunk room.  The new remodel is very nice and it even includes a fire pole!  All the guys were really excited to be at the station, seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

We have a fantastic group of guys on this trip and they represent the spectrum of personalities.  The underlying community of firefighting between the team itself and the guys down here lend to great relationships and easy conversation.

Looking forward to what the trip has in store for us.


Clay Rozell

ps, having trouble with pics, working on it now, hopefully i can get them up soon.


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