Guatemala 2012

This is the third year of our trip.  We will be traveling to Guatemala City on September 3rd for 8 days.  We have our curriculum planned and are preparing our hearts for the time down there.  Although we will be teaching at the countries fire academy and have the opportunity to interact with many firefighters, running a quick fire academy is not our goal.  The eleven other men going down with me have committed their lives to believing and following the testament of Jesus Christ.  In response to the grace and blessing we have received, we commit to serving and loving others.  Our goal is to partner with our sister church “Casa de Libertad” in reaching out to the crew at Station 69 and their surrounding community.  By spending time with the firefighters, going on calls, eating with, and training with them, we are creating opportunities that foster deep conversations and relationships.  Our primary goal is not to make them better firefighters, it is to be a tangible avenue that the Holy Spirit can reach them with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With the generous help of many donors, we have raised all the financial support needed to travel and the guys/gals at Station 69 are letting us stay at their station while we are in country.  Please pray for our effectiveness in teaching and ministering to the Guatemalans.  This years team consists of:

John Farrar- Arlington FD

Clay Rozell- Denton FD

Chase Kirby-Lewisville FD

Ross Andrew-Flower Mound FD

Jim Blair-Farmers Branch FD

Chris Lillie- Southlake FD

Julian Arriaga- Richardson FD

Mitch Gray- DFW FD

Brian Stacy- Coppell FD

Lan Leavell-Chaplain

Kevin Bailey- Lewisville FD

Chad Neely- Denton FD



2 Responses to “Guatemala 2012”

  1. Thanks for the update! Were there pics of the guys?

  2. This is a great opportunity. We’re praying for you.

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