Day Seven, Sunday

Sunday July 24

We started out the day by getting packed to leave the Academy.  Straitening our rooms to make them presentable to the in coming recruits that are going to use the rooms to bunk in while they do their training. I am still in awe as to how well we all get along with no bickering or complaining.

We grabbed some cereal and coffee and left the academy en route to Casa de Libertad. Upon arrival we had some more coffee and set up for training of some of the church staff for CPR and first aid. The class went very well. Javier said he would follow up with more extensive training with local firefighters from station 69. The staff was exited about that.

The service was next with a group from Virginia and California leading the service. Their band played and sang in Spanish and English and their leader gave the sermon in English with Spanish interpretation. The service ended with the chairs being moved for more room for the singing and all out dancing. It turned out to be a very good and uplifting service, praise the Lord!

Afterword, we went out to eat with Pastor Francisco and the combined group that lead the service. Chief Pepe came a little later to eat with us as he had to attend a funeral of one of his firefighters that died of cancer.

We drove to Antigua next. Antigua is a smaller town which caters to tourists. The streets are like cobblestone but are rocks instead of brick. This town was the original capital of Guatemala but in the 1600’s there was a flood and 300 years ago an earthquake which destroyed the city. After that they moved the capital to Guatemala City.

We scoped out the market and had a nice supper. We relaxed and recouped the rest of the evening.  The hotel is very  nice and we rested well.

Jim Blair- Farmer’s Branch FD


One Response to “Day Seven, Sunday”

  1. Stacie Marshall Says:

    Jim’s daughter here….super glad to hear that the trip is still going well. Praise the Lord for He is good!
    You rock dad, see you tomorrow!

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