Day Five, Friday

July 22, 2011

Friday was another amazing day!  Ross, Mitch, Clay, Jeremy and I went to visit the Compassion kids in the morning.   Lan continued to provide wisdom and incredible spiritual leadership.  Lan is without a doubt “the most interesting man in the world.”   Jim, Chad, Chase, and Kevin continued training  the “bomberos” on rescuing victims from a fire and on how to navigate through tight quarters with no visibility.   They built a really cool maze and it was a real challenge for most of the guys.  Many of the “bomberos” had never trained on a maze like this before and were grateful for the opportunity.  Let’s just say there were a couple of the guys being trained that got freaked out because of the claustrophobic situation with no visibility.   Meanwhile my group met up with our Compassion kids at, wait for it……Chuck E. Cheese.   I thought it might be an imitation before we got there, but it was the real deal.  I had been looking forward to meeting my Compassion girl, Cindy, for a long time.   It did not disappoint.  All of us were thrilled to finally see our kids in person.  Ross’ kid wasn’t able to make it because of a communication error, but he kept a great attitude.  He played with all of the kids, took the time to write his kid a letter, and talked with the teachers and parents.  We ate pizza together, exchanged gifts and some of the guys got up in the playground with their kids.  We were worried it might collapse.  It was an emotional goodbye and we were all extremely grateful for the opportunity.  Chase got his picture in the newspaper and they wrote an article about our trip.  Chase has to buy us all ice cream now since he got his picture in the paper.  Jim has been an amazing asset on this trip because of his fluency in Spanish.  He even did an interview for the news all in Spanish, no translator.  We wrapped up the training in the afternoon.  Even though we had only been together for a short time, we had developed a strong bond.  A lot of guys were exchanging shirts and giving manly hugs goodbye.  A few of the guys said they were planning on coming to church with us on Sunday at Casa de Libertad.

At night we went to Station 69 for a party to conclude the training.  Mitch and Chase made spaghetti for everyone.  Mitch has been a lifesaver with all of his cooking.  They gave us “captains” badges, T-shirts, hats, drinking glasses, and a certificate for completing the training.  We had a great time hanging out at the station.  Everyone continued exchanging shirts and hats.  They had a couple of calls while we were hanging out.   Ross and I went on a call for a gun shot victim.  He had been shot 3 times!  At first we thought he had been shot in the chest, but after cutting off his shirt we found that it was in his shoulder.  He had also been shot twice in the forearm.  On the way to the call we saw the police had already caught the shooter.   We were first on scene, Javier drove us there in his personal vehicle.  We made sure the bleeding was stopped, got an IV started to help replace lost fluids due to bleeding and splinted the wounded arm.  We had to do this all with flashlights before the ambulance arrived on scene.  Then we loaded the patient in the ambulance and they transported him to the hospital.  Saved another one!  Then we went back to the station and said our goodbye’s to the guys at station 69.  It was an awesome day!  Looking forward to going to the orphanage today (Fundaninos).  Can’t wait to meet the kids!  They also have a “work project” for us later today.  We”ll see what that entails.  Also, pray for the guys’ stomachs.  Let’s just say we’ve all been a little too regular.

In Christ,

Rich “Rico Suave” Caudle- Highland Village FD


One Response to “Day Five, Friday”

  1. Hayden Mooney Says:

    Hey guys it sounds like y’all are having a great time. Its been great getting to follow you guys. I really wish I could have made it this year. Im praying for you guys.

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