Day Three

Well, we later found out that the shooting Ross and Chad responded to was actually a drug overdose and essentially a very easy call, but the press didn’t care one way or another.  Chad was given a helmet and Pepe told him to get ready to be on the news.  The local news crew had overheard the Guatemalan firefighters speaking English and asked if they were the same group from Dallas that made the news last year.  Apparently the same news crew had interviewed our last years team.  As the documentarian, I wish I could have gone out with them, but I’m working on pulling some strings to get a copy of the newscast.

Ross and Chad met us at the local Starbucks located in Flower Mound, Guatemala.  Though the country as a whole has many poorer areas, we were in an area indistinguishable from our Dallas suburbs.  It smelled like home.  All the guys were super stoked to talk to wives and family… I think a few of them cried, all thanks to MagicJack!

After Starbucks, the team and Javier, one of the local firefighters, came back to the Fire Academy to wind down and catch some “sleep” before the next day.  This morning we woke up and prepared for the upcoming training which was a repeat of yesterday’s training for a new class of firefighters.  One of the firefighting ladies, who went by “Doc”, paid the bills with her chiropractic practice and was eager to give several from our team an adjustment.  We found out that Kevin has lots of bad energy.   The training went very well today.  The class was extremely engaged and attentive which may be credit to our guys loosening up a bit and getting comfortable in they skin.

And as far the documenting process goes, I’m getting lots of great footage of the brotherhood of firefighters.  It’s really cool to see this bond overcome the cultural boundaries.  I’ve never been around so many firefighters and my view of them has significantly increased.  I consider it a privilege to be on this trip and I’m honored to have men such as these looking out for the well being of our cities back home.

Currently, I’m sitting on a rooftop, overhearing the playful banter of the firefighting gentlemen enjoying each other’s company.  The weather is perfect.  The view is beautiful.  Our God is Great.

I’m finishing this post at station 69.  We just got through playing soccer with some of the firefighters from the station.  It was a lot of fun.  Ross kicked the ball over a three story fence and Chase hit a guy in the head.  Both show great power in their legs.  We played USA vs. Guatemala to no avail.  They won 4-1.  After we split teams evenly the score was 8-7 (my team won).  Lan and Jim grabbed some pizza.  We took that out and are now having fellowship at the station.  Life is good.  Pray that the Gospel will spread like wildfire in our new relationships.  TO THE MAX!

Much grace and peace to you,

Jeremy Ottens


5 Responses to “Day Three”

  1. Herbert Maguirre Says:

    I want to thank the Dallas Fire Brothers, today was a good day to share and learn new techniques, another way of seeing things, jokes, RIT, I liked.

    It really is admirable, as they sacrifice their most sacred time to be with their families to come and teach us that we are strangers to them. I invite you to one day make a turn in the tenth company and at some point be able to exchange fire.

    Greetings and hugs

    Herbert Maguire

  2. Bruce Kirby Says:

    I really enjoy reading the updates. I’m praying for you guys.

  3. Adriana, Doc Says:

    My pelasure guys…Thanks for the oportunity!

  4. Julian Arriaga Says:

    Love reading these. I’ll be praying for you dudes.

  5. Jim’s daughter here…Thanks for the updates! Praying for y’all tonight!

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