Day One

Monday July 18, 2011

We met at the airport at 2:30; everything went according to plan.  One of our biggest concerns was getting the gear that the Denton and DFW fire departments generously donated into Guatemala.  Mitch pulled some strings; made some phone calls and we got over 400lbs of gear onto the plane and didn’t pay a dime! Truly a blessing and a wonderful way to start off the trip. The flight was comfortable and we arrived in Guatemala City around 7pm. The weather was unbelievable, 72 with a nice breeze, a great change from the Texas heat.  Getting through customs was about as easy as it could have been. Jim used his Spanish silver tongue and convinced the customs agents to not charge us taxes on the gear that we brought in. We decided as a group that he gets the MVP award for the first day. Our guide/interpreter Vera, and Guatemala’s Deputy Chief Pepe, met us at the gate with vehicles and a truck to carry our gear to the Academy building that we’re staying at.  It’s a new building, four stories if you include to the sub floor-parking garage, just about fifteen minutes drive from the airport.  Pepe gave us a quick tour, showed us our bunk rooms and the classrooms that we’ll be using and then took us to the roof. The view was amazing!!! The terrain of rolling hills and surrounding mountains made the skyline look like an ocean with waves of light. I’m pretty sure that every one of us was floored for a few seconds. After taking a few minutes to let it soak in we made our way back to the bunk room, had a quick meeting and prayer, then hit the rack. God has blessed us with a safe trip and His presence is already undeniable. We are all excited to be hear and anxious for what the week will bring.

Chad Neely- Denton FD


3 Responses to “Day One”

  1. Brian Stacy Says:

    Sounds awesome!!!! Have fun and be safe!!!

  2. Brian Stacy Says:

    What colony (cona) are y’all in……number or name?? Some of our employees have family there….wonder if your close??

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