We leave tomorrow!

We are all set to leave tomorrow afternoon.  We will be spending four intense days teaching RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) curriculum to over 60 firefighters per day .  The curriculum goes over how to identify, search and provide assistance to a firefighter who has become injured or disoriented.  We will spend two days in the classroom and two days practicing skills.

Over the past year, numerous departments have heard what we have done, seen the need of the Guatemalan firefighters and have donated bunker gear for us to take down.  The amount of gear donated (over 400 pounds) has made shipping it down there financially difficult, but the Lord provided an option for us.  We have been in communication with the DFW Airport American Airlines ground manager and we just recently found out that AA would let us check the gear on our flight….for free!  What a savings and what a blessing!.

Please stay tuned as we hope to update the blog daily from here on out.

Continue to pray for our trip and specifically our travels, pray for team unity.

Until then,



3 Responses to “We leave tomorrow!”

  1. Adriana Lopez, The DOC Says:

    Hey guys…I really had a great time today!!!Danke für alles…that means, thanks for everything!!!
    You are angels…all of you!

  2. Adriana Lopez, The DOC Says:

    see you!!!

  3. cindy andrew Says:

    so proud of all of you, for your sacrifices to be able to go and the blessings that are so apparent to you right now, but may seem distant light to those who miss you so….this is important and brings to mind how much time god has given me that i have wasted i thank you too for that ross andrew’s proud mom cindy xxxooo

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