Day 9!

By Brendan Kearney (Sachse Fire Department)

After sleeping in somewhat we all got breakfast on our own and then started getting ready.  Some of us stayed behind while some of us walked down to go to the market.  The Market was unlike anything I have ever seen.  It was basically a huge flea market and anything you wanted you could find.  We ventured towards the back of the market as we were told this was where we could find the best deals.  Everyone spread out and started buying gifts and haggling with the sales people.  While it was fun at first it got old quickly.  At times you just wanted to buy something and not have to spend 5 minutes trying to get them to come down.  After walking around and finding gifts for family we headed back to the hotel so that we could move to the new one.  After walking around the corner we got there but were told that check-in wasn’t until 3 so we would have to wait.  They allowed us to keep our bags in a room and said we could come back and check-in after 3.

At this point the group split and half of us left to go to the coffee plantation tour and the other half left to go eat lunch and then head back to the market.  I was in the group going back to the market, so we headed down the road and made our dinner reservations for the night.  After that we headed to Monoloco (crazy monkey) for lunch.  Now their boast is that they have nachos as big as your head.  I had to see if this was true and believe me it was (if not the size of two heads).  While at lunch we did get to experience watching futbol(soccer to us Americans) in a country that loves futbol.   It was quite entertaining and let me just say they love futbol more than we love any of our sports.  After lunch we headed back to the market to haggle some more and spend more money.  We all walked away getting some nice things and not spending a whole lot of money.  We made our way back to the hotel and after some miscommunication we got our room keys and our bags.  Those of us that were there got situated and then headed up to the roof to relax and enjoy the view.  After the other group returned from the coffee tour (which they all enjoyed and said they learned some stuff) we headed out to eat at Casa de Escobar.  The food was great and other than the two man band playing to our right, and the never-ending music videos of Alejandro Fernandez it was a lot of fun.  While at the restaurant we celebrated Chase’s birthday with a big slice of cheesecake.  It was nice to just sit around, unwind and just enjoy each other’s company.  It was a perfect way to top off an awesome trip that none of us will forget.  After dinner some of us headed back to the hotel while the rest of us went and continued celebrating Chase’s birthday and the end of a truly amazing trip.


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