Day 8

By Shane Steinbach (Lewisville Fire Department)

This morning we started off by making breakfast for all the kids at the orphanage. It was a great time serving the kids and seeing the smiles on their faces.  They really enjoyed the bacon.  But who doesn’t love bacon!  Following clean-up the kids wanted to demonstrate their karate skills for us.  The demonstration was great to watch.  We could certainly tell they put time into it, and really wanted to impress us.  When the show was over it was time to say good bye.  Though we did not get to spend a whole lot of time with the children, saying good bye was still very difficult.  From this point we were off to Antigua for some relaxation.

The drive to Antigua was uneventful, but very mountainous.  There were a lot of long, steep drives up and down.  Once in Antigua you could, without doubt, tell it was different than Guatemala City.  Most of the roads in the main part were cobblestone, and there were much more “gringos” around.

Once in Antigua we got settled in to our hotel and ate lunch. Following lunch we called a local fireman that went to Guatemala City for our training.  He took us to the main volunteer station in Antigua.  This station was a standard station.  They had ambulances, engines, and other apparatus to work with.  The guys at the main station took us to a sub-station outside the city limits.  Here we learned about a heart for emergency services.  These guys had one ambulance in-service, and they lived and worked out of a modified school bus.  The front half was the day room/office/kitchen, and the back had two sets of bunk beds wedged in there.  Working like that as a paid guy is one thing, but to do it as a volunteer shows a true desire to help the people of your community.  We took some pictures with everyone, and then headed back to the hotel.


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