Day 6

By: Hayden Mooney (Lewisville Fire Department)

Where to begin… Today has been full of adventure and excitement for everyone.  Myself (Hayden), and Clay Rozell rode out with the firemen at Station 69 last night, and at about 5:30 this morning we were called out to a woman in labor.  While en route to the hospital we delivered a healthy baby boy!

The rest of our group arrived at Station 69 this morning at about 8:30, and we all hit the

Firefighters performing "Denver Drill"!

ground running.  The crew from B shift started a new round of training, working on “the Denver drill,” reading smoke, and fire ground operations.  This was a great opportunity to teach these firemen information that many of them had never seen before.  All went well.

At 1:30 things got a little bit crazy.  Station 69 got a call for a possible MVA/rescue.  When fire crews arrived on scene they found a vehicle on its side.  Fortunately every one was out of the vehicle and uninjured. However, this was a great opportunity for the Bomberos Voluntarios to use their new training in vehicle stabilization.  Today we also finished up tiling the Clinic, and outfitting the fire engine with new mounting brackets for all of their tools.

Bomberos from Station 69 stabilize vehicle on the scene of a MVA!

This evening we ate dinner that one of the firemen (Emilio) from station 69 made for us from scratch.  He made us a Guatemalan dinner called Pepian, which was very good.  About fifteen minutes after we were done eating dinner a man came up to the station and told us there was woman in his vehicle that was going into labor, and sure enough she was.  Shane Steinback, John Farrar, and myself were given the opportunity to deliver another baby on the side of the rode in front of the station.  This one was a healthy baby girl. Shane was a superstar with his paramedic skills as he was calm and collected, suctioned the baby, and delivered the placenta.

Hosing down the Rookies!

Record for most firefighters present at a babies birth...ever!

Shane w/ the new baby girl!

John w/ the new baby girl!

A constant theme that our group has found in the work that these firemen do here compared to the how we operate as firefighters in the United States is that there is a certain sense of purity in the work these great firemen do down here.  They do the best they can with what little resources they are given.


4 Responses to “Day 6”

  1. Joe Ader Says:

    Guys, I am so proud of all of you.

  2. Mary Farrar Says:

    Wow, John Farrar, and Clay Rozell, and co. !!! Two babies. Incredible. I’m glad you are having a chance to spread your wings as you spread the Good News. We are praying for you as you get ready to head home. Miss you…


  3. Rachel Farrar Says:

    John! I LOVE the picture of you with the precious baby. I can’t wait to hear all these stories in person when you return. I am so proud of your whole team!

  4. emily Rozell Says:

    Brought tears to my eyes seeing John hold that sweet baby. We miss you guys but so thankful to God he gave ya’ll this really neat opportunity. What a neat experience to be able to use your talents and skills God gave you in Guatemala. Looking forward to hearing more exciting stories! Love ya’ll!

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