Day 5

By: Brad Nelson (Lewisville Fire Department)

Today started off in similar fashion; another beautiful and cool morning (Sorry Texans).  Our team ate breakfast with the kids at the orphanage again.  Boiled eggs, black beans, corn tortillas, and a drink that I can only describe as a hot apple juice with milk and oats.  It was wonderful! Even with the language barrier, our time with the kids here is priceless.  Their joy is infectious and I couldn’t think of a better way to start the day.  From there we headed off to the station.

After the positive feedback from yesterday, the training crew was really excited for another opportunity to interact with a new group of Guatemalan firefighters.  One of the firefighters from yesterday offered to let our training crew use a conference room in her neighborhood to teach the class.  This was a huge blessing for the team, as the room was larger and quieter than the room we used the day before.  The hospitality down here continues to humble us.

The team did another awesome job teaching on vehicle anatomy, scene size up, extrication, and patient care.  Although the class size was a tad smaller, everyone was full of questions and interested in our ideas.  And like yesterday, several of the local firefighters offered some excellent ideas for us to take back to the states.  The other half of the team stayed back at the fire station working to set up our classes for tomorrow and shopping for new ideas on how to serve the department.

Many of the items and equipment we planned to purchase here are not as available as we first thought.  Kelcey said it best today with “No one seems to have what we need, but they all know someone who does…” Frustrations like these only serve to remind us we are definitely not in control.  God is so good and has protected us this far.  Aside from a few upset stomachs, He has kept our whole team healthy, well rested (for the most part), and continues to bless our relationships with each other and the people we are meeting.  The firefighters are already asking when we are coming back, and God willing, that will be every year until His work with us is finished here.  We have had the company of a few American missionaries who live in Guatemala.  Hearing the testimonies of God’s provision for Mark and Linda has served to renew our spirits of service.

Right now all ten of us are sitting in the living room of the mission team house at the Fundaninos orphanage fellowshipping and preparing for tomorrow.  This time is so important to us and we are very grateful for it.  We all thank you so much for your support.  Alone we are incapable, so please continue to pray that God would use us to make His name great.


3 Responses to “Day 5”

  1. I love this quote “No one seems to have what we need, but they all know someone who does…” So very true.

  2. Juan Sebastian Estrada Says:

    My name is Juan Sebastian Estrada I have been a firefighter in Guatemala for four years now, all of them I have served in Fire Station 69. I just wanted to say thank you for all the knowledge, dedication and effort that all of you guys have put into this mission. As a Guatemalan, as a firefighter, as a person I feel really proud of my new friends and I hope this experience is only the first of many to come.

  3. Scott Wiseman Says:

    What an awesome group of guys!! I loved hangin out with yall for a few days, and wish it was more. Prayin that the Lord would continue to use yall there in Guate!!

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