Day 4

By: John Farrar (Arlington Fire Department)

What’s up Friends and Family? Day four was another busy day. We started the day again having breakfast with the orphans. They served us pancakes with caramel sauce…yeah the stuff you put on ice cream. After trying it I am not sure that we will ever go back to maple syrup.

Girls @ Fundaninos enjoing breakfast!

After breakfast we headed out to the fire station. I think we were all really interested to see the turnout on the first day of training. When we called everyone into the classroom we realized that there were 20 guys and one of them was the assistant chief of the whole country of Guatemala. Yeah….crazy!

Film crew from local news channel interviewing David & Fransisco (pastor of Casa de Libertad)

We also had a news crew stop in to gets shots and interview us for the local news. To be honest I think we were expecting 5-7, maybe 10 so we were stoked. We started out with introductions and thanked them for the opportunity to come down and teach the stuff we love. We really wanted to hammer two points across. One, we wanted them to know that we are all firemen from different cities and it is the church that brings us together. And it is through the local church in their very own fire district that we were able to come down and make this happen. Two, we wanted them to know that we bring no arrogance to the table. We made sure to make it very clear that we are teaching “our way” and not necessarily the Best way.

Chase did a great job teaching scene size up and vehicle anatomy. I don’t think anybody could tell that he had got two hours of sleep the night before because he was up riding calls with the guys at the fire station. We then showed the extrication video and the guys were really attentive. It was nice that we already had the video translated and we could just play it

Firefighters from all over Guatemala City come in for Training Day 1!

through. We had to stop the video multiple times to answer questions, which told us that the guys really did want to learn and absorb the stuff. We ended up having some issues with lunch (we ran of gas for the stove and drinking water) so we pushed through with our after lunch session. We gave the guys extrication scenarios and asked how they would handle them. We had a ton of interaction and a lot of really good ideas. I know I personally learned two extrication techniques from a couple of the guys that I had never heard of. The feedback at the end of the day was really positive. We had one guy say that he was going to come back to the same exact class again because he enjoyed it so much! So we are looking forward to the rest of the week and working our way into fire ground operations.

I am not sure if any of the guys have talked about the bond that is developing among the guys on the trip, so I will mention it really quickly. Since day one of this trip we have been going non stop. So we have been on the drug called sleep deprivation more than once. I have had a few times that I have had to catch my breath because i have been laughing so hard, only to

Kelcey, Brad & Clay Lee talking with Mark W. our friend & translator from Huehue!

then ask myself “why was that so funny?”. I guess it is just this crazy experience of 10 gringo firemen making their way into a society that is nothing like their own. The dogs all look like they are half fox/half hyena, street signs and lights are only suggestions, people ride bikes with wood fastened on the handlebars for their 3 yr old kids to hang on and they really hang on!, all the buses have custom paint jobs and 30 inch chrome rims with people hanging out the doors, there is a food chain called American churros even though churros aren’t american (but anything with the name “american” sells) and the toilet paper isn’t flushed down the toilet. It goes in a little trash can next to the toilet. Try breaking that habit! But at the end of the day people are people. We all need are eyes opened to the truth in this crazy world. Please continue to pray that we can show the love and truth of Christ to these people we are encountering everyday. Pray that His spirit will do a mighty work in both us and them. Also pray that we will be able to help the local church engage with their firemen, to continue our work long after we are done.

We miss you guys. See ya soon!


4 Responses to “Day 4”

  1. Mary Farrar Says:

    I laughed so hard reading this, John. We are praying for you! Rachel has something very special to tell you. But I will let her be the one:) I will just say that you will need to have somebody cover work for you on a date in the fall…

    We miss you!!

    Love, Mom

  2. Matt Elkins Says:

    It is amazing to keep up with you guys via blog and pictures. It truly delights my heart to see all that ya’ll are doing and the long term impact it will have. Praying for the team!

  3. John, this update was great to read. I am so happy that the Lord brought this team together and is giving you guys the opportunity to extend the kingdom through your professions around the world. Let the guys know that I am praying for you.

    Also, you have a pretty good translator. Tell him to drop us a line some time.

  4. Rachel Farrar Says:

    Johnny!! Loved reading this update. It sounds like you guys are representing Christ so well and being of true service there. And I love your description of crazy life is there — and your affirmation that life is also very much the same.

    I love you! Call me when you get back, k?

    I have a lot to fill you in on and no way of contacting you except for this here little blog. It is all very good stuff. Promise.

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