Day 3

By: David Jackett (Fort Worth Fire Department)

We ended the night @ Station 69 with a little bit of excitement last night. As we were getting ready to leave the station got sent out for a structure fire. Clay L. & Brendan were our first two guys riding out with the guys @ 69s, so this was a good start to a long night.

Brendan getting bunked out for structure fire call!

This morning we work up & had breakfast with the kiddos here. I was so glad to see my little friend Michelle, she has been sick the last few days, and her and her twin sister Andrea just brighten up the place with their big smiles! The kids love having us here and while I wish the time we had more time with them, I know the time the Lord has given us, has been very

Michelle trying to act shy @ breakfast!

intentional. My hope is that at some point this week, we can take some of the older boys  & girls to the fire station to introduce them to the firefighters as well as showing them this is a career opportunity for them in the future. Many kids who grow up in orphanages have no place to go once they turn 18 and leave. Many turn to drugs & gangs. My hope is that they can see there are great jobs, that are worthwhile and allow them to support themselves while serving their community as well.

After breakfast we all got ready for church @ Casa de Libertad. I have loved visiting there when we come for trips and always look forward to the praise & worship as well as hearing Fransisco preach! What a great message, starting the Sermon on the Mount and speaking about the poor in spirit!

Fransisco teaching @ Casa de Libertad!

After church we went to an amazing restaurant with Fransisco, his wife, Carol & their little baby boy, Mateo, as well as some other members of the church. This was such a great time enjoy some great food & great conversation.

Our friends Kailah, Scott & Daniza are here from Huehue so it was good to catch up with them and hear all that is going on in their life. Scott & Daniza have a meeting with the Embassy on Tuesday and will hopefully get Daniza’s VISA so that they can come home to the states! Please be praying that their meeting goes smoothly and that the VISA is approved!

Once we left the restaurant we spent the rest of the afternoon at Fundaninos resting, playing with the kids, and other things. Some of the guys worked on their presentations for tomorrow since we start training, and before going to bed we enjoyed a nice dinner from Pollo Campero!

See you tomorrow!


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