Day 2

By: Clay Rozell (Denton Fire Department)

One of the firefighters we met yesterday, Harold, invited the guys to work out with him in the morning.  Brad, Kelsey, Shane, and John took him up on his offer and met him at the gym around 630 in the morning.

The other guys woke up and had a brief calisthenics time running the hill at the orphanage.  Many of the boys came out and were very excited to run with us and slap us high fives as we ran by.

When the guys came back from the gym, we went to the store and bought supplies for some projects we will be doing around the station.

We arrived at the station in the early afternoon and began working to retile their clinic room and organizing their engine compartments.  The team had the opportunity to hang out at the station the rest of the day working and getting to know the other Bomberos.  A few of us were able to ride out on some EMS calls.  Throughout the day many visitors stopped by the station including a doctor and the Assistant Chief of the National Fire Department.  God has been good to keep us healthy and safe while traveling with the team and on calls.  Continue to pray for safety, good decisions, and relational opportunities to share Jesus.

Kids @ Fundaninos join morning workout.

Kids @ Fundaninos join morning workout.

Kelcey & Chase working in the clinic @ Station 69.

Kelcey & Chase working in the clinic @ Station 69.

Jeiro, David, Guatemalan Police officer & another Bombero fooling around in the truck bay.

Jeiro, David, Guatemalan Police officer & Luis fooling around in the truck bay.

John & Hayden working on reorganizing and attaching tools inside the compartment on the Engine.

Station 69 @ Night

Station 69 @ night!


3 Responses to “Day 2”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    Hey you guys!

    Thanks so much for the updates and the pics (who is the professional photographer??? You guys got some great pics already!). Everyone here has been praying for your safety, healthy, and attitudes while you’ve been gone and are so proud of all of you. You all are a light to all of the people you are encountering down there and I pray that you seize the opportunity to just love on those kids and continue to have servants’ hearts. Church was awesome this morning and all of you were heavy on my mind. Matt spoke about finding our identity in Christ and not our cars, houses, clothes, etc. and worship with Bleecker was amazing as usual!

    Olivia and I are missing you, Clay, and proud of you for sharing your headphones with Chase on the plane..haha! Don’t get too close, Chase…he’s mine!

    Praying for you guys daily! Let me know any specifics that I should be praying for and thanks again for the updates.

    Kimberly Lee 🙂

  2. carrie garst Says:

    thanks for sharing! i probably wouldn’t get this much detail from clay lee (my brother)! love all the pics!

  3. emily Rozell Says:

    Clay, did you do pushups too or just clap for the guys? 🙂

    Love you babe!

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