Day 1

By: Chase Kirby (Lewisville Fire Department)

Day one of the trip we started out well rested after an early    bed time following the flight in.  We started the day off with  breakfast at the orphanage, after eggs and refried black beans, we were ready for the day.  We hung out at the orphanage for a little while, playing with the kids and scoping the place out.  All of the kids were excited to see us when we visited them in school.  All of the kids from the orphanage attend school, and there are also some other kids from close by that come in for school.

Our view from the orphanage, Fundaninos!

We met our missions coordinator/ translator, Carol, who speaks better English than some of the people on this trip and has been a huge help in getting things done.  We then went to the store to pick up food to make sandwiches for the firefighters.  We met the Chief and the guys and had a talk of expectations and things that needed our attention.  They provided us with gifts and gave us a tour.

John riding in the side bar en route to our first call!

Not long after the meeting we caught a call for a rescue.  We piled in the engine which was awesome because it is an open cab engine, something that we would never had otherwise experienced.  We ran a couple of calls with the guys and got to know them really well.  We developed a plan of action, experienced Guatemalan Dominos pizza, headed off to bed.

Cheif Luis sizing up the situation with Bombero Jeiro who was first on scene!

Bombero Jeiro searching for missing person, potential body recovery.

Chase, Kelcey, Brad, John, Shane, Clay L. & Chief Luis assisting in body recovery from below.

Clay R., Chase & Clay L. retrieving ladder after body recovery.


One Response to “Day 1”

  1. Bruce Kirby Says:

    Glad y’all arrived safe & sound. Sounds like everyone had an action filled day. We are praying for the entire team.

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