Heading out….

By: David Jackett (Fort Worth Fire Department)

After last year’s Guatemala I trip, I had mentally prepared myself for ANYTHING today! I know & rest in that God is in charge of everything and all the planning in the world, while good, can turn out to be useless in a matter of seconds.

The plan was to meet at the airport @ 1pm, check in and be on our way to Guatemala by 4:30, land by 7:30 and be on our way in Guatemala City. Here’s what really happened!

At 11:30am, I received a text, that would be the first of many, to inform me that our flight had been delayed till 5:30pm. I quickly text the guys: “Let’s meet @ 2pm” There’s no need to sit in an airport any longer than we have to. I already had a ride set up to the airport so I had to get there by 1, as well did a couple of other guys.

Upon my arrival, one of the team members called to inform me he couldn’t find his passport. Hoping he would find it, I encouraged him to keep looking. Couple of hours later, still no passport.

Our flight has been delayed again at this point, and we tell our missing passport member to rush down to the passport office in Dallas, get an appointment and hopefully he can catch a flight out the next day. But in all of God’s goodness, he gets a new passport issued @ 3:30pm, rushes to the airport. His wife drops him off and rushes home to get his luggage and she makes it home and back in plenty of time to get everyone on the plane.

Clay L., Chase & Hayden @ DFW waiting to board!

We finally boarded the plane a little after 6:00pm and we are ready to go, except the Captain informs us of a hole in the engine nacelle. We had to wait for the sealant to arrive, be applied and dry! This took about an hour.

We finally took off @ the same time we were supposed to arrive in Guatemala City.

We were really blessed with a great flight crew who discovered through conversation we were firefighters heading down for a mission trip. They were really gracious and gave us free food, drinks and some other gifts! Overall it was a great flight.

Clay L. & Chase insisted on sharing a pair of headphones even though they were giving out free ones!

We finally arrived in Guatemala about 10pm, got our luggage, met up with Carol from Casa de Libertad and then headed out for dinner. We had a great dinner @ Pappazitos here in Guatemala City and then headed to our home for the trip, Fundaninos!

Off to bed……


One Response to “Heading out….”

  1. Lionel Garcia Says:


    I’m proud of you !! Brandon & Jenny Scott (L.J. Scott’s son) are in Guatemala as missionaries. mailto:brandon@talesfromthebranches.com

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