3 weeks to go…..

(left to right) Chase & Hayden (Lewisville FD, Clay (Denton FD), John (Arlington FD), David (Fort Worth FD) & Brad (Lewisville FD)

We are 3 weeks away from boarding a plane and heading to Guatemala City! As every day goes by I am getting more and more excited about this trip!

Everything is coming together. The team has been working really hard to prepare and get ready. We are excited to have the opportunity to engage the local firefighters, meet and build relationships with them, as well as learn from them and be able to teach them!

This past Tuesday (4/20), thanks to Clay (Denton FD), our A-Team Training Leader, we got to go to a local junk yard who were kind enough to give us a couple of cars to use. We spent 4 hours filming different type of scenarios and extrication techniques while a member of our team narrated. We are having the video edited and the narration translated into Spanish so that we can leave copies for the firefighters to use as training videos in the future after we leave.

Here are some pictures from our day:

Hayden & Chase (Lewisville FD) use the cutters to remove a car door which allows us better access to patients.

Brad & Hayden (Lewisville FD) use a Halligan bar & a flat head axe to show methods of gaining access points for the jaws of life (spreaders) into a wrecked vehicle.

Hayden (Lewisville FD) narrating for the training video while the team gains access to the wrecked vehicle.

Performing a “B-Post Blow out” (removing center post between driver’s side front and rear doors) gives firefighters better access to remove patient from wrecked vehicle.

Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for this trip. There is still a lot of work and preparation to be done. We are also still in need of financial support! If you would like to learn more, contact us or see the Support link on the right hand side!


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