Rollin’ Along….

We just had our 2nd team meetings this weekend, and things seem to be going well. It is hard to get all of our guys together on the same day because there always a few guys on shift, so instead of burning valuable vacation time for meetings, I will meet with the guys on shift the next night for dinner or something.

This week we discussed a lot of training options. The firefighters there have given us a wide variety of topics to cover so we are trying to narrow those down to a couple of choices. Right now we have 14 firefighters on the team and the plan is to split them up into two teams. We will spend 4 days at Station #69 doing training with the firefighters there.

While one team is always at the station teaching & training, the other team will be visiting local schools and businesses to talk about fire safety, evacuations, and fire & earthquake drills. We also hope to get some small repairs and painting done around the station while we are there.

Please continue to pray for our team as we prepare. Pray for team unity & community. Pray for vacation and time off to be approved by our city departments. Pray for fund raising, and the protection from fear and anxiety that it often brings!

Thanks for keeping up with us, and we’ll keep you updated!


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